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Carrera 30356 DIGITAL pit lane

Carrera 30356 DIGITAL pit lane

SKU : CAR30356


Carrera Pit Lane  30356


In the Pit Lane, the cars refuelling as well as the lap counting are carried out. Lap counting in the Pit Lane can be deactivated. Displaying of the tank fuel capacity is only possible in combination with the Driver Display 30353.

The Pit Lane (30356) can be used with either Black Box (30344) or Control Unit (30352). However, the following tank modes must be observed :

Together with the Control Unit (30352): after running over the Tank Sensor, the car switches into ""Tank"" mode. The car can now be tanked by pressing the points contact.

Together with the Black Box (30344): after running into the Pit Lane (30356) and the car stopping, it will automatically be tanked, whether it has run over the Tank Sensor or not.